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Welcome to devoted to life excellence in heart, mind, body and spirit. So many talk about these concepts but so few deliver. I specialise in development through the martial arts; using them to survive but more importantly to thrive in all areas of life. I’ll teach you the best martial arts in the world at a level that will help you to protect yourself if needed but also to develop the skills of the master warrior so you can face life with faith instead of fear, fit instead of fat, and as a warrior NOT a worrier.

If you’re into martial arts I’ll teach you how to be your physical best and how to use the laws and strategies of martial arts to improve your whole life. If martial art doesn’t interest you I’ll show you why it should and how to use it to remove problems from your life. Join me on my journey and let’s create the best version of you – fit, strong, fast, and fearless and thriving!
Enjoy it in good health!

Tony Higo

Chief Master Tony Higo – Life Coach, 8th Degree Blackbelt

Tony Higo is a martial artist, teacher, philosopher, writer, author and speaker focused on helping YOU to become your very best using the martial arts as the vehicle.

Tony Higo’s goal is to help people improve their lives through martial arts training – using the ancient strategies of war to bring peace and progress to your life in heart, mind, body and spirit.

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I can’t recommend highly enough the PSP program. Heart Mind Body and Spirit is the system we all know as AEGIS put together by Chief Master Tony Higo and this program is led by him. From the techniques, laws, strategies and combinations you learn in class, a deeper understanding will be gained during this program, from the mind of the leader that developed the system. As a person you can learn how to use the system, teach the system, achieve your dreams, reach your goals and understand how applying AEGIS to your everyday life will continue you on the path to being the best black belt leader you can be.
Mrs. Alex Clarke, 1st degree AEGIS Black Belt Instructor
The personal student program has helped me to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. My physical martial arts have improved, as has the confidence in my physical abilities. It has been the depth of knowledge I have gained in the understanding of the 25 laws and the application to day to day life which has been of greater benefit. I am developing an understanding of the strategies and how to AEGIS myself day to day. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the AEGIS philosophy. It has motivated me to learn more and continue to practice what I have learnt so far! The sessions are hard work & informative but satisfying and most importantly Fun!
Mrs. Hazel Pogson, 1st degree AEGIS Black Belt Instructor
Anyone wishing to indulge his or her AEGIS learning experience should without doubt consider the Personal Student Program. Concise practical instruction coupled with the detailed breakdown and analysis of the strategies and laws behind the physical makes the PSP a must for any enthusiastic student of our art. Chief Master Higo’s wealth of teaching experience means these classes can be enjoyed by white belts through to the highest ranked instructor. Everyone can benefit, especially when it comes to the strategies and how the martial arts correlate so well with everyday life. The PSP is without doubt the most enjoyable and insightful training I have ever undertaken. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Darren Ogden, 2nd degree AEGIS Black Belt Instructor and academy owner
The PSP sessions are fantastic, really enjoyable and very thorough. They are inspiring and I always leave feeling motivated and very positive! I always feel able to ask any questions and we’re always encouraged to engage with one another and join in with the group discussions. I think it’s great how we always start and finish with clear goals for the session and have regular breaks in order to think about and study what we have learnt during the session. Not only have they improved my technique and understanding of AEGIS but I have also had the chance to bring my sister to the sessions and she has decided now to join the AEGIS team as a student.
Stephanie Lewis, Purple Belt Trainee AEGIS Instructor
When I first started the PSP sessions I felt really intimidated, my first thought was that I shouldn’t be there; it was very overwhelming because I had never been on the mat before. However, every session I have found that the black belt leaders are exactly that, they aren’t there to brag about being a black belt or show off, they have helped me out whenever I have struggled. The sessions have given me a lot of motivation and confidence, they are filled with knowledge that can be taken away and used in everyday life, so you can as they say ‘AEGIS your life’. I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such great people, and privileged to have such a vast understanding of the AEGIS laws.
Samantha Lewis, AEGIS White Belt in Personal Student Program