That one thing we badly need in this most distracting age in the history of mankind. After all, when procrastination strikes, we have no where to run. We just plop down and do nothing or….may be a little something with our phones (read “watch cute cat videos”)

The fact is there are millions of ways, tips and tricks to defeat procrastination and be productive. That sudden urge to choose to do nothing exactly when you have a truckload of work CAN be beaten. However, anyone who has procrastinated knows that the problem is far deeper than it seems.

A few quick fixes are all good when you need them but to be able to beat procrastination for life you want to build a system that is bullet proof.

There are only so many hours in a day and so much of life to live, right? This is exactly where the ancient art of fighting comes in.

To get to the point, martial arts could solve your productivity problems for life.

Here are the most awesome ways it helps ramp up productivity:

1. You start setting goals and hitting them

There is no doubt that setting goals give you a head start to achieving what you set out to do. When you dive into martial arts, chalking out goals become an indispensable part of your routine.

Whether it is setting your eyes on the next belt or improving on a particular technique, this is one heck of a skill that is sure to translate in other spheres of your life. Imagine eyeing a skill you have always wanted to learn and getting it.

2. Your discipline skyrockets

This one is for the master procrastinators. Being unable to say a resounding NO to yourself when its needed the most is a life skill many would give an arm and leg for. When you learn martial arts , you are the pilot of your life.
This comes from pruning your mind and body on the mat. Think getting more done per day, every time it matters. You leave a trail of tasks done well and before time, minus the extra work of dragging yourself to get working. Sounds amazing? It is!

3. You build mean confidence in your ability

One of the most common reasons that people put off doing things is that they seem too much to get done. With martial arts you acquire such confidence to get things done, you are pumped to start.

After all, you have been hitting it hard on the mat and combat is in your blood stream now. It makes it impossible to even think something can’t be done.

4. You are always in control

Martial arts is a lot about discipline. When you acquire so much of self control, it gets easy to do things. Tasks like waking up early or eating healthy don’t feel like battling a giant.

This opens up ways to do the right thing at every point in life whether it is completing that lengthy report or preparing for the crucial meeting the next day. More control means getting more done.

Put an end to dragging through work and ending up with nothing to show for. With martial arts you can end your procrastination woes by embedding productivity in your very system. Wake up to a positive start every single day.