Let us get this straight, everyone loves hacks. They make things easy after all. This is why martial arts that require years of practice, discipline and patience may not seem like the conventional quick route to personal development.
Truth is, martial arts are one of the richest sources to learn more than a thing or two to develop your complete self. Most martial artist will swear how learning this ancient art can become a way of living.
Here are some of the most amazing truths inspired by the martial arts that you can use to unlock your true potential every single day.

1. Be Gentle – this one is surely going to be a bit tough but it is inspired by martial arts true focus on gentleness. The arts are not about hostility and carnage. On the contrary, it is one of endurance. Knowing this gives you the calibre to maintain patience, focus and peace.
Having an ill temperament does more harm than good and its one of the principles of martial arts. The martial arts are meant to train you to fight the outer and inner unseen enemy, most importantly the latter.

2. Let Go of the Ego – Arrogance builds through lack of self-confidence. A warrior is always confident and projects an image of one. Fitness, practice and the skill set that they posses give them a shell of security that brushes aside the possibilities of being an ego carrier.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, humility is the key to success. The ‘e’ word is the greatest hindrance to your personal development. Being a good martial artist means you are focused, humble and a good listener. These are traits one needs to survive in every field. Next time you get an urge to take the ego trip, remember the warriors have the humble pie for breakfast.

3. Meditate everyday – One of the foundations of martial arts is gaining control of your mind, body and spirit. The best way to do this is to tune out, literally. Take out a time in your day that is peaceful and lets you calm into a clear mind. Early mornings and late nights pose an amazing opportunity to give your mind the quiet it needs. Concentration plays a major role in martial arts and meditation lets you harness the silence to achieve warrior like of concentration levels.

4. Run a mile everyday – To a martial artist, his body is a temple. All of us want to be healthy and physically fit. However, how much of significance do we give it? Martial artists constantly shy away from things that will even remotely harm their bodies. That is something important to imbibe.
A fun way to attain a high level of fitness is by incorporating an activity like running into your day. Run a mile each day or start small and level up, not just your body even your mind will love the stress reducing endorphin release.

5. Take a break after every hour of work – With martial arts, you not only discipline your body with hard work, but also your mind. Though the level of personal discipline that martial artists possess is unsurpassed for, you can use their principles to build your own little system to be as productive.
Concentrate on the task at hand for an hour straight and observe how your productivity soars. An hour of continuous toughing up is is exactly how some of the best martial artists get there.

Who does not want to get rolling in life with punches yet sport a 32-watt smile? A martial artist excels in the art of living. With the above simple hacks you can start beating and bettering your personal record every day. And mark a positive start to just the right attitude.
As someone said, “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”