Tony Higo is a master martial artist with over 50 years of experience in the combat arts. He was taught boxing when he was just 5 years old by his father and every generation of the Higo family has been involved in boxing since the early 1800s. Master Higo’s father and first teacher had over 60 amateur fights in the ring, and he fought in the infamous fairground boxing booths. His grandfather was a boxer, trainer, manager and promoter of boxing in the early part of the 20th century and his maternal great grandfather was a gypsy bareknuckle fighter and his paternal great grandfather too was a champion pugilist too. Tony Higo’s pedigree is unsurpassed in the combat arts and he was taught not just boxing but also brutal street defence by his father who was a ferocious street fighter, having his last fight when he was 72 years of age (he won by knockout).

His father John Higo was a small man who packed a massive punch and a temper to match and he taught many down and dirty strategies for street defence as well as little known boxing techniques and methods that Tony will share with you.
Master Higo is an 8th degree black belt who has studied many styles which he has developed into his own system known as AEGIS (pronounced Eejis) which is a Greek word from the ancient mythology – the AEGIS was the shield or breastplate of legendary power which protected it’s wearer from any attack. The name AEGIS is also an acronym for the 5 key attributes of the master martial artist (Attitude – Expectation – Game Plan – Implementation and Study), which make up the 5 key laws of combat upon which Master Higo’s system is based.

Master Higo began teaching way back in 1975 and has taught ever since, developing and finessing his ideas to refine his system into a vehicle that aids the student in more than just surviving physical danger but also using those same combat laws to enable him to thrive in all areas of his life – heart, mind, body and spirit. This should be the true goal for the master martial artist – beyond the simple warrior skills and into the master skills of the commander and leader of the warriors.
As part of his studies Tony has developed many unique concepts not known to any other martial arts system including the AEGIS laws, FLITE strategies, rules of 5, BEATBoXX training and the amazing All rounder striking pad. Master Higo’s AEGIS system takes a student way beyond combat into a whole life philosophy that enables the student to thrive like a true master of the martial arts.

Master Higo operates one of the largest and most successful chains of martial arts schools in the UK, he has written several books and workbooks for every part of a students’ training. He holds regular seminars, webinars and live training events to impart his vast knowledge of the martial arts to his many thousands of students.

As a student of Master Higo you will receive regular training lessons to complete, video instruction, motivational audio sets, audio training routines, diet sheets, tips and strategies to get the best out of your training.