What does it mean to be a great teacher? How do you become a great teacher and how do we measure this process?
Gone are the days when Black Belt equalled a great and erudite instructor; today’s discerning student wants a teacher who has studied not only his art but also how to deliver that knowledge effectively to people of all ages and abilities.

The writer George Bernard Shaw once said ‘those that can, do, those that can’t, teach’. This is unfair to teachers because let’s face it; without them, where would we be? But there is a point behind what he says, we’ve all seen or been taught by good and bad teachers but why would this be? Some people are physically gifted fighters, with great skill and technique but if you put them in front of a class and they won’t necessarily be good teachers. Why? Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean to say that you know how you got to be good. Most of what we are good at we are were born good at; that is we were born, physically gifted and or we love what we do so much that it becomes our passion and we practice, practice and practice.

However, as I said before – just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you consciously understand how the movements, techniques or strategies work. A good teacher, whether he or she is gifted with the ability in martial arts or not – must understand how those techniques, strategies work in order to explain them to the students so that they in turn can learn and master them.

Why not just copy how your teacher did it? Well that might work if your teacher was a good teacher in every sphere of teaching but if he or she was not, then how does that make you a good teacher?

The ability to teach like the ability to perform the physical martial arts is also a gift that we might be born with but that is not enough. To be a great teacher, and let’s face it, isn’t that what we want to be? To be a great teacher takes the same if not more study and practice that it takes to become a great martial artist.

Tony Higo’s Master Teacher Program has been in development for over 35 years and Master Higo, even today still studies his martial arts and is looking to develop new and better ways to teach students how to achieve their full potential. For instance:

  • The ability to communicate your message to the 3 key learning modalities
  • How to plan lessons for best learning outcomes
  • Maintaining control and discipline in class
  • Matching students and the class dynamic to ensure that they all get the best message
  • Organizing and working with an effective and progressive curriculum

Have you got the skills but not the knowledge of how to teach them? Want to help and inspire others to benefit in the way that you have? Here is your chance to pass on your knowledge, skill and experience.

There is more to teaching than simply repeating what your own teacher did. You must understand not only your subject but also how to communicate that subject in a way that fits the students learning style. It’s easy to take credit too for the truly gifted martial artists development, showing him off as though he was all your doing, but are you also ready to showcase those who lack the innate abilities of the athlete?

This is the role of the teacher – not all students are created equal and neither are their teachers but with the right training and support every student can be turned into a martial artist to be proud of and who will develop even further in life because of the foundations you have laid.

But what do you need to become a Master Teacher? Knowledge certainly but that is not enough, you must also master the 5 C’s of teaching: communication, content, context, control and correction and within each of these know, practice and teach them to students of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking to improve or a new teacher wondering where to start, Tony Higo’s Teaching Mastery Program has everything you need to help you progress:

  • How to communicate your ideas effectively?
  • How to plan and deliver life changing lessons?
  • How to deliver quality material in all three learning modalities?
  • How to motivate students to go all the way to black belt and beyond?

Are you looking to give something back? Share what you know? Does the thought of helping others to succeed hit your buttons? If the answer is yes then you’ll love Tony Higo’s Master Teacher Program.

Whether you are a novice teacher or a highly experienced one, you will benefit from Tony’s 50 years of martial arts study and 35 years of teaching which he has systemized into a simple and easy format to help you to not only help others to develop but also develop yourself even further in the process.

One of the best ways to learn any subject is by trying to teach what you know to someone else but beyond that the role of the martial arts teacher is an important one. It is a role of giving, expecting, mentoring, coaching, developing and leading people. It is a role of nurturing and developing and it is an essential role in the life of every student.

Tony Higo’s Master Teacher Program works in the following ways:

  • A ‘dip into’ system where you can find tips, techniques and strategies that you can implement into your classes or
  • A full certification program to give you everything you need to become a top teaching instructor
  • How to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ when it comes to essential content and
  • How to contextualize your content so students learn how to apply the martial arts message beyond mere combat

With Tony Higo’s 50-year experience in the martial arts, 100’s of black belts and instructors and 10’s of thousands of students, he has everything you need to become a master teacher of the martial arts.

Using video, audio and written materials, Tony will take you into the world of helping students achieve mastery. With tests and quizzes to help you along you will soon start to build your skills.

  • Video training
  • Audio
  • eBooks
  • Course books
  • Workbooks
  • Blogs and
  • Live seminars

Tony will give you the tools to become a truly great teacher of the martial arts. In order to learn form the best in business,
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