Set the Goal for Black Belt Leadership

If you have some experience in martial arts already or have spent some time studying Tony Higo’s AEGIS already you’ve probably discovered the deeper aspects of the martial arts – in short you’ve been bitten by the martial arts ‘bug’. Don’t worry its normal. The fact that you have a bit of an obsession with studying combat, its techniques and strategies are not unusual. But it’s great isn’t it? Suddenly you find this passion to practice, understand and pursue your martial arts goals and this means you’re ready for the next step.

You Are Ready for This Challenge!

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re good enough or ready – you are ready when you want more of the same, so whether you have completed your basic training or not (you will always cover the basics first no matter what program you choose) if you want to deepen your training commitment then Tony Higo’s AEGIS Black Belt Leadership Program is the place for you.Building upon your AEGIS basics you will be introduced to the DELTA skills, the AEGIS laws in more detail plus the specific skills of:

  • RingCraft – Tactics and Strategies of the Boxing Greats
  • Superkick – Real Kicking Mastery
  • Points Combat – Practical applications of the tournament floor
  • Clinch & Control – How to restrain, trap, hold and lock
  • Personal Protection – applying the AEGIS philosophy in street defence

Each of these specific disciplines will deepen and expand your understanding and skill in combat whilst showing you how to use the strategies of AEGIS to improve your daily life as well.

AEGIS Black Belt Leadership training will take you from the simple warrior focused on combat towards the warlord skills of goal setting, planning and reviewing. This will enable you to manage and interpret your physical skills, allowing you to make changes to your personal and professional life. The result of this is that you to earn more, communicate better as well as develop your techniques to the hilt.

With dedicated AEGIS Black belt Workbooks working alongside Master Higo’s powerful book on martial arts laws and philosophy ‘Warrior Wisdom’ your knowledge and understanding will go way beyond that of the average Black Belt toward AEGIS Mastery, which will be the next step.

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