You might be an advanced Master or even a complete beginner but either way if you’re here you are passionate enough to share what you are learning with others. In fact one of the best ways to learn is to teach others what you know. It clarifies and tests your own understanding of your art.Some people just love to help others to progress and benefit as they have themselves and if you’ve landed on this page then it seems like that is YOU!

Your level of skill or rank is irrelevant to becoming a AEGIS certified instructor in fact often it’s better to start earlier than wait until you’re a senior master so that you can learn faster through teaching and the extra deep study of the martial arts that teaching it will bring.

Tony Higo’s AEGIS Certified Instructor Training Program will teach you much more than simply teaching it will also teach you the skills necessary to open and run your own academy – imagine that! – turning your passion into your mission. No longer the 9-5 drudgery working for someone else who doesn’t appreciate your true value and instead running your own show with full control of your own destiny. It’s an exciting place to be right now and a career that is beyond value.

AEGIS Certified Instructor Training (CIT) will take you through 5 key skill areas which will turn you into a fully rounded and proficient instructor:

  • Philosophy – how the AEGIS system works; the laws, strategies, how to goal set using RADAR and achieve life balance through the AEGIS HMBS+B systems
  • Marketing – you’re not a good instructor unless you have students so it’s essential to know how to find your ideal students; how to attract them and how to keep your academy stocked with new recruits
  • Selling Skills – how to communicate your exciting message to new students and how to increase the commitment of existing ones. The martial arts is all about communication and this module will give you everything you need to bring passionate students into your academy.
  • Teaching Skills – you might be surprised to see this module here after marketing and teaching but you only get to teach when you have students and you only get students through marketing and selling.
  • Administration Skills – any thriving martial arts business must keep good records; manage tests, student enrolments and upgrades, tax payments and even the wages of your own staff. This module will teach you how to manage your business into high profits and student retention.

These are the 5 modules and working on a rotating curriculum you will cover each module each time increasing your skill and knowledge base so that you can teach effectively for someone, open your own academy or even join Tony Higo’s team with an AEGIS academy. The future is in your hands and you can go as far as you want and as fast as you like but either way the AEGIS CIT program will give you all the skills you need to succeed with audio’s, video’s EBooks, testing, live seminars and webinars.

Get a head start in your life with our AEGIS CIT program!

1 Full years membership for just £499.95 with full access to:

  • AEGIS Positive Start Program
  • AEGIS Black Belt Leadership Program
  • AEGIS Black Belt Mastery Program and
  • AEGIS Certified Instructor Training

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