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A lifetime of physical fitness, health confidence, weight control and spiritual meaning. It’s all here in Tony Higo’s AEGIS Positive Start Program. AEGIS is the system developed over the last 40 years by Chief Master Tony Higo. A system that will help you to achieve more than just confidence, weight loss, self-defence and a great new hobby. The AEGIS Positive Start Program will prepare you for the larger world of true martial arts study.

Using Tony Higo’s powerful teaching systems, philosophies and strategies you can make fast progress in achieving your goals. Tony has created many unique ways to help you gain fitness and skill at an accelerated rate that includes clear breakdowns of each technique, position, movement which will help you to understand and achieve more quickly.

Using video, audio, eBooks and hardcopy books, Tony Higo will give you the solid basics to help you achieve your immediate goals and if you find martial arts is really for you then it will also prepare your body and mind for AEGIS Black Belt Mastery or even AEGIS Certified Instructor Training.

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