This module of your course is important as it will teach you how to measure and assess the skill level of your students. It will teach you what to look for and how to use what you find to give and objective assessment that will help students to progress.

The goal of Chief Master Tony Higo is to twofold: one is to create the best Black Belts in the World and the second is to create the best Instructors in the world. You can’t really have one without the other but we must focus on increasing our knowledge as instructors so that we can improve our students skills as well as our own.

Work through the courses and tests thoroughly, taking notes and revising what you learn. Let’s go!

Back to the Egg – Functional Movement

Finessing Force

Black Belt Pre-test Assessment 1

Black Belt Pre-test Assessment 2

Range of Motion Assessment – Static & Dynamic

Black Belt Assessment Course 1

Black Belt Assessment Course 2

Black Belt Assessment Course 3