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It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

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Tactics over Techniques

I see lots of examples of martial arts and what I see is just a repetition of what everyone else is doing, which is acquiring more techniques. More techniques means more complication, more to memorise, more to practice and this leads to a diffusion of ones skill and you risk becoming ‘a jack […]

What are the martial arts? Part 3

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I have many pet hates in the martial arts and sport is of them. When I hear people say martial arts is a great sport, I cringe, and want to scream ‘it’s not a sport!’ I’ve never been short of strong opinions as you may see in my blogs, but to me to see the […]

What are the martial arts? – Part 2

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What’s wrong with the martial arts?

Last time I discussed ‘what are the martial arts?’ and this time I’d like to discuss what’s wrong with them? Wow! Where do I start? After 50 years of martial arts study I have seen many changes but almost none that were needed. For instance, back in the 1970’s people […]

What are the Martial Arts? – Part 1

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Part One – What’s in it for me?

For many years I thought the martial arts were about fighting and combat and on the face of it they are. Martial means warlike, its name comes from Mars the roman god of war. But just as war is not the first goal of a general, nor should […]

4 Kick Ass Ways Martial Arts Improve Your Productivity

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That one thing we badly need in this most distracting age in the history of mankind. After all, when procrastination strikes, we have no where to run. We just plop down and do nothing or….may be a little something with our phones (read “watch cute cat videos”)

The fact is there are millions of ways, […]

Beginners, Winners, Cruisers and Losers

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I’m a keen observer of people, I’ve always been a people watcher, believing that I’ll learn more from peoples’ actions than their words. Their words are what they think they think or want to appear to think but how they act is the reality of who they really are, as Aristotle said ‘we are what […]

5 Easy everyday hacks inspired by martial arts

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Let us get this straight, everyone loves hacks. They make things easy after all. This is why martial arts that require years of practice, discipline and patience may not seem like the conventional quick route to personal development.
Truth is, martial arts are one of the richest sources to learn more than a thing or […]

Why put it off until tomorrow?

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The law of emotion states ‘emotion is the fuel that drives motion’ – emotion is crucial to any success we have in life, it dictates and controls everything we do – if we let it. Remember the old saying ‘never put off until tomorrow what can be done today’? Well, this too is talking about […]

The Key Secret to all Success is…?

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Why do some people achieve and others don’t? We all have 2 arms and 2 legs a head a brain and all that but some people do so much with what they’ve got and some do so little. Even people with physical and mental challenges such as Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller or these amazing athletes […]

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The 5 Basic Priorities

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The martial arts and specifically for our purposes, combat are all about efficiency in movement and thought. The rule in efficiency is that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and we must bear this in mind in combat as shortest could mean fastest and fastest is often the winner.
We are […]



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