Everyone who comes to the AEGIS academies is looking for something that they want to change about their life. It could be changing their appearance, such as adding lean muscle and losing fat. It could be confidence, discipline, and self-esteem. It could be the ability to protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Whatever it is, it is an answer to something that has happened in the past which they want to protect against happening again in the future. People, who have been bullied, mugged, lost the habit of exercise or the habit of eating less than they do now.Those who join us and progress through the belts toward Black Belt and beyond soon see changes in themselves that they appreciate. Parents see their children gain confidence in themselves; mums and dads see their waistlines decrease and their fitness increase; families discover more in common with each other. All these positive things happen through martial arts training but some people get the urge to begin martial arts for all the reasons I mentioned above but they don’t follow through with the impulse and these are the ones that got away.As martial artists first and instructors second we are enthusiasts, passionate about our martial arts training and study, wanting everyone to get involved in what we do. So when new people enquire but don’t follow through and join us, it hurts us, because we know how much value there is in martial arts training. Why they don’t commit is a mystery but I suspect that other things crop up and they tell themselves I’ll do it later; after the holidays, after my course finishes or after Xmas. The idea is pushed to the back of their minds and soon forgotten, but the issue they want to cure through martial arts remains and so many people go on living in misery – bullied, fearful, fat, and unfit. Some come back again, join and start to see the benefits of our programs but I’ll bet that many never get around to solving their problems.

I think also that as human beings we are perverse; we sabotage our efforts to improve our lives and allow ourselves to do what we want rather than what we should. For instance; when people begin a diet and suddenly get the urge to binge. Or achieve their target weight only to stop the diet and pile the pounds back on again. It’s a facet of human nature but it’s one we must strive to remove from our lives if we are to lead happy and fruitful existences. There’s a saying we often use which goes ‘if you keep on doing what you do, you’ll keep on getting what you get’. This is fine if you like what you are getting, but if you don’t like something in your life and you keep on getting it, you’ll keep on getting it, until you change what you keep doing that gives you that thing. For instance if you are overweight, it’s because you repeatedly over eat, eat the wrong food and don’t exercise enough. If you don’t change those behaviours you will keep on gaining weight and damaging your health into the bargain until you do. If you are being bullied now and you don’t fix what it is that makes you are target for bullies, you can end up being a target right through your life.

We don’t have to be overweight, bullied or unfit – we can remove these things from our lives and it’s simple, but it does require action. The good news though that the action is fun. Martial arts’ training is a great activity for meeting new people and bonding with the ones you already know, now you might doubt that but I can prove it. Come to see us at one of our academies and see for yourself how fun and beneficial our martial arts programs are; how they create long lasting health, weight loss, friendships and how whole families are training,
learning and benefitting together from our positive message.

We have another saying in the AEGIS academies and that is ‘nothing happens until something moves’ – which get up and get started!