The AEGIS FREE Program
Welcome to our FREE martial arts training page; full of tips on training, study and philosophy of the AEGIS martial arts system including: technical tips & strategies to improve your martial arts.
The Business Black Belts FREE Program
Welcome to The Business Black Belts, and the most advanced martial arts business strategies available. Tried, tested and true, these strategies will help you to develop the kind of academy and student numbers that you have only read about up to now. Build your profits, your income and your team with our top tips and tactics.


The AEGIS Positive Start Program
Welcome to our AEGIS Positive Start Program. Our goal is to get you the best start possible in your martial arts study. Here you’ll find the best basics in the world on how to become great in the martial arts. Covering:
  • Introduction to the AEGIS Basics
  • The 10 Basic Attack Techniques
  • The 5 Key Rules of 5
  • The 10 AEGIS Combos
  • Introduction to the Laws of Combat
The AEGIS Black Belt Leadership Program
Now that you’ve set the goal for leadership black belt you’ll go beyond (but still include) the basics of the AEGIS system you will begin to study at a much deeper level and begin the lessons on:
  • AEGIS Advance Training including; RingCraft skills, Superkick, Points Fighting, Grappling and Personal Protection
  • DELTA Skills – the 5 physical skills of Distance, Equilibrium, Leverage, Timing and Acceleration
  • Interactive Partner Drills
  • Advanced breakdown of the AEGIS combos
  • The AEGIS laws in depth in life and combat
AEGIS Black Belt Mastery Program
Welcome to AEGIS Black Belt Mastery. Here you’ll learn AEGIS at its deepest level and also at its most fun! Now you’ll add to your Positive Start and Leadership Training by delving deeply into:
  • The AEGIS F.L.I.T.E strategies – unique to the AEGIS system the 25 strategies of life and war
  • The 5 Levels of Defence
  • Deeper study and implementation of the AEGIS laws
  • Study of the PHASE life balance system to create holistic life Mastery
AEGIS Assistant Instructor Program (AIT)
Welcome to Assistant Instructor Training and your gateway to becoming a great teacher of the martial arts. In this program you will learn step by step the 5 secrets of great teachers:
  • Design - plan classes for best effect: content and context
  • Deliver – how to present your classes professionally: the 3 modalities
  • Demonstrate – using inspiring demonstrations in class: form and function
  • Discipline – how to keep classes under control: standards and expectations
  • Develop – how to keep motivate students: inform and inspire
AEGIS Certified Instructor Program (CIT)
Welcome to the AEGIS Certified Instructor Program where you will learn to become a fully rounded and grounded master teacher, manager and leader in one of our national AEGIS academies. You cover week by week our 5 module curriculum:
  • Philosophy – developing your personal brand and purpose
  • Marketing - internal and external
  • Sales – communication and persuasion
  • Teaching – the 5 D’s of the master teacher
  • Administration – records and money management


The Business Black Belts
Welcome to The Business Black Belts and our complete course on how to turn your academy into a profit making machine; build a school full of happy students who stay for years. You’ll learn how to:
  • Philosophy – how to build brand you and to attract the best students
  • Marketing – developing a never ending supply of students to your door
  • Selling – the art of communication and persuasion
  • Teaching – delivering inspiring classes
  • Administration – managing money and teams