The definition of success will vary depending on who you ask. Many who taste success have tasted desperate times as well. J.K Rowling was refused by 12 publishers before her book was accepted for publishing. It went on to be one of the biggest book and movie series of the 21st century. Winning is not about embracing the road you take, rather it is about paving your own route. No matter what you do, these simple steps will carve a positive start to make the way easier for you:

1. Commitment to the journey – Commitment towards your goal is a promise to yourself. Yes, you do need the foundation of personal analysis and a skill set. However, the first step is always to make a solid commitment to the journey.

Think about someone who takes black belt training. No matter how injured or severely bruised they are, they are supposed to continue to remain committed to their goal. Each day brings with it a set of challenges that has to be beaten with perseverance. You will always make mistakes. You will always find reasons to give up. But through it all you need to remember why you started and that’s where commitment comes in.

2. Being respectful – Being nice to others is the first step to being charismatic. When you want to climb the ladders of success, it is important that you connect to people you deal with. It is never okay to be rude to the waiter, house cleaner or helper. A genuine connect is possible only when you are nice in your daily dealings with people.

This applies even beyond martial arts. We often forget to analyse ourselves in the long run. The way you interact with others speaks a lot about you.

3. Find a great mentor– A great mentor can change your life. Invest the time to learn from someone who knows more and has a lot to teach. Like Vivek Wadhwa says “What you want in a mentor is someone who truly cares for you and who will look after your interests and not just their own. When you do come across the right person to mentor you, start by showing them that the time they spend with you is worthwhile.”

Even the most basic conversation with someone who is experienced in your field can save you from a lifetime of frustration, error and struggle. This is so because they have already know something about your way before you even get there. This knowledge is going to be worth its weight in gold.

4. Self-examination– You must have a fair balance between being street smart and well-read. Through this journey, you must constantly educate yourself. Meeting people, reading books, attending conventions or keeping a tab on trends online will open you up to new ideas and happenings. To keep updated with the latest affairs of the world and technology is a part of it.

5. Focus on your talents– Being zealous about your goals is great, but zeal without talent is equivalent to an airplane without fuel. The flight will not take off! Everyone is unique in some way or the other. The pursuit is to find your niche. Whether you are good at arts, speaking, coding, designing or writing- pick it up and hone it.

To win means to make wise decisions and put in conscious efforts towards it. Behind every success story there is always the chapter with a fair share of hardship involved. It might be difficult and demanding, but it is never impossible.