Some of the most successful people are not overnight sensations. It takes years of struggle, learning and unlearning to be a hit. You don’t necessarily have to travel a harsh route to get there.

Here are five things you can do to hit your personal development goals.

Take initiative to do these and you could be the next super performer or simply someone who nails every thing they do.

#1 Teach
No matter what skill you own, there is always a chance to pay it forward by teaching it. Teaching someone can decode a certain aspect of your personality that you never knew you had. Whether you teach one person or a class of hundreds, the amount of patience, fulfillment and character it can build is beyond measure.

You don’t have to be a qualified professional to take up teaching. Just dig into your reserve of skills and find something that can be spread. This can be anything from painting with water colors to building sculptures with matchsticks. Now find someone who wants to learn it and go build your self.

#2 Travel
When it comes to building life skills, you cannot help but talk about travel. It sure is one heck of a way to expand your perspective. You not only visit places you have never seen or even imagined existed but also immerse in the culture of a place different than the one you grew up in.

Add to this the joy of realizing how diversity binds us all. You leave a part of you wherever you go but bring with you an unending appreciation of life. The challenges, wait, the travelling, the people you meet everything contributes to the glorious idea of our life being a journey more than a destination.

#3 Learn something new
According to scientific research, it is a feast for our gray matter when we learn something new. Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby flexes our minds and equips us with a flexible, engaged and a critical thinking. Give your brain and life the push it needs by learning a skill.

Consider it like exercise for your brain and as someone said a brain that has been stretched by new experiences never returns to its normal size. Give your brain the all important workout it needs to stay on the top of its game through everything, no matter what life will throw at you.

#4 Learn Martial Arts
Of course this needs its own point. The ancient art of kicking some arse is a complete way to hone your inner and outer self. The perks of being a martial artist are exceptional. You become confident, extra-ordinarily fit and your reflexes becomes as sharp as a razor.

Programmes like AEGIS philosophy or the Positive Start don’t just focus on the self defense aspect of the arts but also how they can impact your everyday life through inner transformation. The best part is anyone, regardless of age, gender and fitness level can take up martial arts. You have a lot to gain including some mean fighting skills.

#5 Read
Another thing that makes it without fuss to this list. Being lost in someone’s imagination is like travelling without leaving the spot. For those who can’t take the time to travel, reading makes for the perfect escape. In and of itself, it gives you the pleasure of seeing through whole new eyes.

Books like Superkick by Tony Higo gives you a great insight into building a warrior mentality. This is surely the easiest way to start developing your mind right away.

You don’t have to wait for experience to teach you. With the above tips you can start building skills that will see you through every storm in life.