Why do some people achieve and others don’t? We all have 2 arms and 2 legs a head a brain and all that but some people do so much with what they’ve got and some do so little. Even people with physical and mental challenges such as Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller or these amazing athletes who have missing limbs or paralysis – they seem unstoppable – unfazed by difficulties that would seemingly crush ordinary people. So what is the difference?
The difference is how they think, their mind set or attitude. The 1st law of AEGIS is the law of attitude which says ‘it’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude’ which means it’s how you think, not how much talent you have that determines your success. This is great news if you think about it because it means if we can fix our attitude we can fix anything.

Think about something that has gone wrong in your life, how often have you looked back on that thing and thought ‘it was actually a good thing that it happened that way’ and how often have how often have you wanted something so much but you didn’t get it and then some time later you look back on it and really don’t care. So often what we really want now is not what we really need now and life has a habit of only giving us what we need.
On the other side of the coin, how often do we let things that have happened hold us back? How often do we use things that happened in the past as an excuse to NOT achieve things in the present? We all do it, even people like Nelson Mandela or Stephen Hawking or the Dalai Lama but the difference in attitudes of these kind of people is that they set the past aside. They don’t dwell on it. Instead they use it as a stepping stone to propel them forwards.
If we fall prey to a negative mind set we can become fixated on all the reasons why we can’t have what we want and start to put up barriers against what we do want. Eventually we become sour to everything and jealous of those who are achieving we wish we had.