The law of emotion states ‘emotion is the fuel that drives motion’ – emotion is crucial to any success we have in life, it dictates and controls everything we do – if we let it. Remember the old saying ‘never put off until tomorrow what can be done today’? Well, this too is talking about emotion – emotion needs results right now, it’s like a small child inside us, it must have immediate results. Emotion hates waiting, it has no patience and for that matter, no thought either. Emotions are all feelings and no thoughts, no logic or reasoning. Emotions have to be reasoned with and managed by our other intelligences. Our logical mind for instance, being able to reason out the consequences of our actions or plan our outcomes has to manage the unreasonable emotions of want or don’t want and this is often, no easy task!

When we are in control and command of our emotions we are in control of our life and people who have this command are amongst the highest achievers in life. These people are able to subdue their emotions when those emotions are crying out for something that their logical mind knows is not the right thing right now. On the other hand successful people can also harness their emotions toward a task to give themselves that extra impetus. Think about it, isn’t it fun when you actively want to do something? And if you can turn on your emotion toward a future that you will be proud of, then you can become unstoppable.

In short, successful people are able to suppress their immediate, emotional wants through discipline and strength of will, in favour of those things that will take time to achieve. They are able to put off what they want today so they can have something they REALLY want tomorrow and this is one of the major skills of high achievers. Conversely, those of us who give in to our emotions end up with little to show for our lives. These people end up eating too much of the wrong food, smoking, drinking, not taking exercise and no matter what their potential or inborn gifts, they end up looking back on their lives wishing they’d done things differently or despising those who did.
So, if you want a life of achievement, that you can be proud of it’s important that you learn to put off what you want today in favour of what you REALLY want tomorrow.