Master Higo is an 8th degree black belt and has trained 1000’s of top black belts, 100’s of instructors and scores of successful academy owners. His unique martial arts system, AEGIS is the most comprehensive system of martial arts in the world covering not only combat, competition and self-defence but also how to use the principles, rules, and strategies of the martial arts to build your career, wealth and health. AEGIS is the only martial art system that takes a student beyond just combat survival and into the realms of life success – how to be an achiever in all walks of life. AEGIS has unique methods and training systems developed by Master Higo, which will enable you to:

  • Discover the secret laws of combat that most martial arts master don’t even know exist!
  • Learn the ancient battle strategies and how to use them in combat and life to get the best results
  • Learn the amazing BEATBoXX training system to build your skills faster than any other system
  • Develop insights into all the different ways that a technique can be used
  • Learn the 5 levels of defence to master any combat situation
  • Discover the body mechanics to create massive speed and power through the 5 DELTA skills of AEGIS

Master Higo’s AEGIS system will also teach you how to become a qualified AEGIS instructor. You will learn about how to use the system to open your own profitable academy so you can become a true martial arts professional either on your own account or through becoming an authorised AEGIS Martial Arts & Leadership Academy

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